Teen Care

Students: For more information on Teen CARE services, you can visit Ms. Christina in room B-7.
It is open for ALL students during Recess and Lunch.

Hina Mauka Teen CARE has been providing support to youth at Aliamanu Middle School since 2005.  Teen CARE (Counseling, Awareness, Rehabilitation, and Education) helps youth to develop the skills needed to make positive and healthy choices for themselves. Students are screened in order to evaluate if substance abuse prevention or treatment programs would aid the youth in achieving their goals.

Prevention education uses the evidence-based interventions STARS for Families and Project ALERT. STARS for Families is a brief dialogue that corrects misperceptions about alcohol use, helps youth think critically about the role of advertisements, and teaches refusal skills. It creates opportunities for family discussions about the risks of underage drinking. Teen CARE also collaborates with the health teachers to provide the Project ALERT curriculum in the classroom. Project ALERT is based on the social influence model of prevention and designed to teach youth the skills they need to understand and resist pro-drug social influences.

For youth who need more support, confidential treatment programs are available. Using an evidence-based curriculum, Teen CARE can provide more intensive support based on that student’s individual needs. Teen CARE services are funded by the Hawai`i Department of Health.

Parents / Guardians: For more information on Teen CARE services, please contact

Christina Egan, MSW

Teen CARE Counselor

(808)421-4100 ext. 256.