Gifted and Talented Education Program:                            

In the 7th Grade, we have G/T math and G/T language arts. In the 8th grade, all core classes have a G/T component. Our G/T classes are self-contained, not pull-out. We also offer accelerated math classes in addition to the G/T component. There is high school credit offered for math. We do not, however, have a G/T language class. 

To be in G/T a student must have had testing. Please be sure to ask your child's school to send us all information concerning the qualification process that they used to determine G/T status. Many times G/T classes are by teacher recommendation only, but we require specific testing to enter our program. If your child has not been tested, we will administer the tests here at Aliamanu. We do testing on a regular basis, including just before school starts in the fall. If you come by the school's main office, you will be able to pick up a form to fill out and return to sign up for the testing process. You may also download the form from here and return to the Aliamanu main office. 

G/T Requirements: Aliamanu Middle School Gifted and Talented Education Program Program Requirements:

 The following are the criteria for qualification in the Aliamanu Middle School Gifted and Talented Education Program.

 1. Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT): The Cognitive Abilities Test assesses students’ abilities in reasoning and problem solving using verbal and quantitative symbols rather than current subject knowledge. Eligible 8th grade students are expected to earn a score at or above the 95% percentile. Eligible 7th grade students must earn scores at or above the 90% percentile. Note: The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is a norm-referenced test, which yields scores in verbal and quantitative ability areas. Norms are based on strict testing protocols. Test validity is compromised when the Cog AT is administered too frequently. The Cog AT test will not be offered again within a two calendar year period for each student. 

2. Nationally normed achievement test: For example, the Terra Nova Test or the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT). Achievement tests measure what a student knows or understands about content areas. Students must earn a score at or above the 90% percentile on their most recent nationally normed test. Scores in the following areas are considered: Total Reading, Reading Comprehension, Total Math and Math Application. 

3. Hawaii State Assessment (Math and Reading): The Hawaii State Assessment (HSA) assesses students’ progress toward grade level standards in math and reading. Students must earn scores at or above “Meets Proficiency” in reading and mathematics. 

4. Student’s Academic Achievement: Screening includes an evaluation of the most recent report card. Students are expected to earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 5. Teacher Recommendation (May be waived for incoming students).

Download the GT Program Application Form and mail back to Daralyn Hadden, GT Coordinator