Overview of the Members of the SCC                                 
Principal: The principal is always a member of the SCC. The principal is accountable for developing and implementing the Academic and Financial Plan in partnership with the school faculty and staff. The principal will seek input from the School Community Council to identify the school improvement priorities and will review the Academic and Financial Plan with a focus on increasing student achievement.
The principal is responsible for ensuring that elections are conducted for:
  • Teachers
  • Non-certificated Staff
  • Parents and Community
The principal ensures that the elections for the teachers, non-certificated staff, parents, and community are conducted in accordance with school guidelines and democratic principles. The principal will also ensure that the fairness and integrity of the democratic process is maintained. The principal is responsible for addressing any discrepancies in the election process through follow-up activities when necessary.
The principal is also responsible for ensuring that the student representative(s) are selected for the SCC.
Teachers: Teachers bring practical knowledge about curriculum and instructional strategies, as well as knowledge about the school’s history and culture. Returning teachers, including school staff members who are not in teaching positions but hold a teaching license and are active bargaining unit 5 members, may run for a seat and participate in electing teachers to the SCC. Probationary teachers, teachers on leave, or teachers with approved transfers to the school may be eligible to run for a seat and participate in the teacher election to the SCC.
Non-certificated Staff: The non-certificated staff elects the non-certificated staff members of the SCC. Non-certificated staff includes classified staff, support services personnel as well as other part-time and contracted employees of the school. These staff members bring the knowledge of school operations and support services.
Students: Students bring a different kind of practical experience to the SCC, since they are direct recipients of school services. They offer a range of opinions often distinct from adult perspectives. The school principal is responsible for developing a process where the school’s student council selects student(s) to be members of the SCC. If there is no student council, the principal is responsible for developing a selection process for the SCC student member(s).
Parents and Community: SCCs also offer parents and communities an opportunity to participate in the school improvement process. The school principal is responsible for designing and conducting an election where parents are able to elect parents and community members to the SCC. School personnel are not able to run or be elected as a parent or community member of the SCC. These employees may be parent or community members of an SCC other than at the school at which they are employed.
Parent members are identified as:
  • Individuals whose children currently attend the school.
  • The primary caregiver(s) with whom the child resides (legal, custodial, grandparent, foster parent).
Community members are identified as anyone who has an interest in the school’s welfare such as:
  • Individuals in the school’s geographic area
  • Individuals owning, operating or working in a business within the school’s community
  • Alumni of the school